Canada is the largest country in North America and second largest country by total area in the world although the most land area is covered by the forest and tundra. The total population is 35.15 million and most people are concentrated in cities. Due to a huge number of immigrants its most diverse and multicultural nation, described as a medium-sized populated country with strong diplomatic skills. Weather varies widely due to a vast area.
Its advanced economy and human development index is the 10th largest in the world. Canada is blessed with natural resources and well developed international trade networks which makes it rich economically and technologically

Canada is heaven for immigrants due to its civil liberties (as its a secular liberal country), government transparency, political stability (democratic country kind of constitutional monarchy), quality of life, economic freedom and respect for civil rights.
To immigrate to any Province or State of Canada, many pathways are introduced among them Express Entry and PNP Provincial Nominee Program are important.

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