Portugal Business Immigration


Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal Business Immigration is full EU Schengen member state very attractive for Investors. Portugal has a new golden visa program offering residence permit and visa to investors who buy real estate in Portugal worth at least EUR 500,000.


Minimum Real Estate Investment

To qualify for the Portugal visa under “Golden Residence Permit”, at least investment in real-estate of at least EUR 500,000 in Portugal must be made.

You will not be required to live in Portugal but you must stay at least 7 days in first year and 14 days in the second year. As long as the applicants do not stay more than 180 days per year in Portugal, no taxation applies (except a slight property tax). For example if you have a family and business in UAE, you may want to stay most of the time in UAE to look after your business, but want to enter and exit Europe anytime for business or vacation without applying for visa.

The residence permit issued by Portugal Business Immigration allowed you to travel all Schengen countries without any restrictions.


Portugal Passport

After 6 years it is possible to apply for Portugal passport and citizenship! You must pass Portuguese language test to qualify for passport.

How Can We Help You?

We as Immigration Consultants are always here to guide our worthy clients regarding their Immigration and travel queries. As we know that Immigration to Portugal is not an easy task but it is achievable if certain requirements are met.

In this pandemic, we as Portugal immigration consultants will update you with the latest rules and regulations. To cope up with this traumatic scenario, which prevails all over the globe. Stay connected with us our expert Immigration consultants will help you out with Consultancy services, Business immigration, Skilled immigration, Study visa, Visit visa.

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