Study In France


  • Cheaper cost of living
  • Kind-hearted and fun-loving people who welcome international students with an open heart
  • Variety of courses and study programs in worlds prestigious universities and institutes
  • One can apply in almost twenty universities with the single application as there are almost 3500 institutions for higher education
  • International students can go for paid work usually 964 hours per year.
  • Good wages as compared to other European countries
  • With a valid residence permit, one can work approximately 60 percent full-time employment
  • Public universities cost almost 200 Euros for both EU and non-EU students per anum but cost varies in different universities according to the chosen course and institute.
  • Any student can apply for a job even in his own institution, for example, he can be given the task of tutoring, assist junior students, work and help for disabled students, coordinating cultural social or sports events and can work in the career centers.
  • To apply for study visa essentials are almost the same as Schengen countries require i.e,
  • French authorized campus to be enrolled
  • Valid passport
  • Transcripts of old exams done
  • Copy of European health card
  • Proof of English or French proficiency (with minimum 6.5 bands in IELTS)
  • Proof of financial resources to fund your stay in France
  • Character certificate
France is situated in central Europe. It is the most popular place for tourists due to its diversity and among Europe’s largest countries, as tourism accounts a large proportion of the economy. Along with this France having some of worlds best universities with excellent educational opportunities. So as densely populated as more than 60 million people reside there. France is a dreamland for artists and students.
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